“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

~Ernest Hemingway

Manuscript Services

In addition to editing services for manuscripts, which you can find on my editing services page, I offer additional services for manuscripts. These include:

Synopsis Writing or Critique: I am skilled at writing the dreaded synopsis for submission to agents and publications. If you have written it yourself, I will critique and your synopsis and offer suggestions to improve it.

Query Letter Writing or Critique: Like the synopsis, I can either write your query letter for you or critique and edit your current query letter. Remember, having a well crafted query letter is as important as having a well crafted manuscript.

Book Proposal Critique: I will read through your book proposal and give you an in-depth critique on it. This will include strong point, weak areas, corrections on grammar and sentence structure, and an overall opinion on the piece. I will help you improve and build on your book proposal until it is the best proposal you can send out.

Book Blurb: Need help writing the blurb, I am there for you. I am skilled about writing both about the author and about the book. These can be sued for promotional materials that will catch the reader’s attention, which means more sales for you.

I am also an accomplished writing coach. You can learn more about my services as a coach on my coaching services page.

Please contact me to learn more about my services and rates.

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