The Call

I hear you as I lie in my bed, the lonely trill that means you are close to the dock. I sigh, dawn has just arrived and I don’t feel like getting out of the bed and walking down to the dock. I want to capture your beauty on film but couldn’t you just visit me later in the day when I am better rested.

As it is, I stumble out of the bed, search for my shoes and creep out of the house, fumbling with the tripod and the camera as I go down the 30 steps to the dock. When I get there, you are floating gracefully on the water but I took too long and you disappear from sight before I get my camera mounted onto the tripod.

I sigh, maybe tomorrow and take some time to capture the lotus as she wakes for the morning.

This continues, every morning, I awaken to your call and I scramble down the stairs, still wearing my pajamas in an effort to capture your beauty. I am successful once, but the photos do not do your enchanted solitude justice and your call has become a chant urging me forward.

Never do you swim close to my dock when I am ready and once I find you looking up at me, your eyes intent as you try to figure out who and what I am. You are less than five feet away, the perfect spot for me to photograph you but my camera is turned the other way and you disappear beneath the water before I can turn it back.

This game we play each day until the final day that we are leaving. I wake up to your lonely call once more but this time, the call sounds more like you are telling me good bye. I don’t shuffle out of bed and race down to see you but instead, I listen to your call, trying to brand it in my mind so that the call of my elusive loon will remain with me long after we have left.

Published by sirenavanschaik

Sirena Van Schaik is a full time writer who loves the written word and dogs alike. Originally from the mild climes of British Columbia, she now resides in the extreme temperatures of Southwestern Ontario. The two unique places, unique perspectives, inspired in her a joy of writing and has given her the versatility to do freelance. You can find her meandering down lazy sentences moments before she tackles hard subjects and digs through obscure facts. She loves what she does and enjoys talking to readers about their passions. Although writing is her passion now, she graduated from Mohawk College in 2001 in the field of early childhood education. She began writing full time in 2007 and has returned to school to achieve her post graduate certificate in creative writing. Today, Sirena lives at home with her husband, two sons, and a host of cherished pets including three cats, two English Mastiffs and a number of lizards.

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